Calgary Minute: Guidebook Decision, C-Train Safety, and Pay Increases For City Staff

Calgary Minute: Guidebook Decision, C-Train Safety, and Pay Increases For City Staff

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  • In the middle of a global pandemic, compounded by a collapse in oil prices, and an ongoing economic slump, while taxpayers are struggling to stay afloat, City staff found an extra $27 million to pay for salary increases for themselves. Nearly 14,000 employees with the City of Calgary were given pay raises last year! Remember when Mayor Nenshi said the City had "cut to the bone"? They're not even cutting!

  • The City held a virtual town hall meeting about the Guidebook, so we decided to attend and ask a question. We asked the City why they're pursuing a top-down centralized plan for the whole City. They said it's not top-down, and then proceeded to explain exactly how it is top-down - because every local plan must comply with the top-down City-wide Municipal Development Plan. You can watch a video, and read a transcript, of the question and answer here.

  • We've been talking about C-Train crime and safety issues since 2013 - that's almost 8 years - and Council finally noticed! Mayor Nenshi announced that the City will start by doubling the number of peace officers deployed on the train system. You can see an excerpt from the work we did on this issue in 2013 here.





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