Vance Bertram


Vance Bertram

Candidate for Ward 11


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Vance Bertram is a Master Electrician with over 15 years in the trade. He is a born and raised Calgarian who works currently with his family business which was started over 25yrs ago by his parents and proudly serves Calgary and surrounding area. His knowledge is in IT infrastructure, building HVAC, EV vehicle charging, building construction ranging from residential to industrial, and a keen interest in future green technologies. These skills will serve Calgarians well in our road to diversifying our economy, current building projects, and recovering from the hardships Calgary has faced. Vance appreciates transparency in politicians which is why he's so open about where he stands politically as nobody likes finding out they've elected a wolf in sheeps clothing. Many politicians try selling themselves by pretending to be on both sides or neutral. Vance believes diversity is our strength as not every solution to a problem will require a politically right leaning person but in reality will need a balance of left and right leaning people to form a well rounded solution. Vance's community spirit of trying to help those around him has led to countless hours of volunteering and many late night service calls when furnaces are down and a fellow resident is in need of emergency help. Vance is committed to term limits of 8yrs preferably and 12yrs as an absolute max, as well as cutting councillors pay while Calgary's ecomony is suffering as politicians can't keep saying we're in this downturn together when they're not willing to take a cut themselves to lower the burden on taxpayers.


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