Rob Ward


Rob Ward

Candidate for Ward 11






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Rob has lived in Ward 11 for over 10 years and Calgary for more than 30 years. He has seen the ups and downs of both Calgary and our economy, and believes this is a crucial election that will decide the direction of our city. Rob knows that now, more than ever, fiscal responsibility, common sense, and collaboration among all stakeholders is needed to help our city flourish once again. 

In speaking with thousands of residents in Ward 11 already, Rob has heard the same common concerns: we need better value for our tax dollars, and we need better core services delivery. Snow Removal, road repairs, police/fire/ems. These are the services most important to residents and Rob will focus on them. Rob is running for one reason: he wants to see better for our city. Unlike other candidates, Rob is not affiliated with any political parties, special interest groups, unions, and he is not a part of a slate of candidates put up for election by campaigns or groups. 

As a business owner himself who works with other businesses, Rob has seen firsthand the struggles our local economy is facing. He has the education, experience, and drive to find solutions that will help our local businesses and residents come out of this challenging time stronger than ever. 

Rob knows that a culture change is needed at City Hall. Calgary is full of intelligent, innovative, and passionate people who have great ideas on how to not only make our city services better, but more cost effective. All they need is someone willing to listen to them and champion their ideas. We are being told that there are no ways to find efficiencies and offer better value to the taxpayer. Rob knows that is simply not true. We are capable of better, and we must do better. Rob wants to be part of that positive culture change at City Hall. 

By voting for Rob Ward you are voting for change and a new way of doing things at City Hall. You are voting for collaborative work to find the most cost efficient and best ways to deliver core services to citizens. You are voting to eliminate wasteful spending on pet projects that deliver no value to residents. You are voting for someone who is working for YOU – not a political party, special interest group, union, or a group of other candidates.