Speech To The No Calgary Olympics Rally

The costs are underestimated, the benefits are exaggerated, the goalposts keep moving every few days, and a lack of transparency means the public is kept in the dark.

No Calgary Olympics Rally

Olympics Bid

The costs are underestimated, the benefits exaggerated, the goalposts keep moving every few days, and a lack of transparency means the public is kept in the dark.

While that could describe most Calgary City Council projects, this time we are of course talking about the Olympic bid.

Polling Indicates Major Shakeup Likely At City Hall This Election

Today, Common Sense Calgary released a full set of mayoral and ward-by-ward poll results for the upcoming municipal election, based on a sample size of nearly 5000 across the city.

In a city where incumbents tend to dominate re-election campaigns, several councillors are facing stiffer than expected competition from candidates promising change on council, while reformers are resonating with voters in open wards.

These poll results are part of an independently commissioned, ward-by-ward municipal election poll.

It's Time To Bring Common Sense Back To City Hall

With Calgarians preparing to cast their vote on October 16, we are pleased today to announce the re-launch of Common Sense Calgary.

There is a clear appetite for change in Calgary this election, but more needs to be done to inform voters about what kind of change a candidate would really bring, and which candidates are in the best position to deliver.

Macdonald: Could the Charter be a Trojan Horse?

CommonSenseIcon.png How much do you know about the City Charters? Do you know what the financial consequences will be? Why are the elected officials so slow in providing information on the financial implications of the Charter? Truth and reality seem elusive when it comes to the Charters. Here, Common Sense Calgary presents what could be the real agenda within the City Charter.

MacPherson-Ruddy-Macdonald: New City Charters Could Mean New Taxes

Soon, the public will finally get the privilege of knowing more about what the premier and big-city mayors have been discussing behind closed doors for some time: the 'fiscal framework' of city charters.

For several years, Alberta's big-city mayors have been pushing various premiers for more tax powers.

Finally, it seems they've found a willing dance partner in NDP Premier Rachel Notley.

Macdonald: Let's Talk Common Sense - Calgary

Well, it has been a busy time in municipal politics and here's a quick recap on some of the most interesting issues facing Calgarians recently. Please share this with your friends and please encourage them to join Common Sense Calgary, Follow us on Twitter and Like us on Facebook.

Common Sense Calgary makes a difference as the only organization dedicated exclusively to dialogue on civic politics. 

Macdonald: Calgarians Use Your Voice: Online Petition Launches Support for a City Wide Referendum

Common Sense Calgary is concerned that the incoming City Charters will provide the City with a vehicle for new taxation powers. Today, we launched a petition calling on you, the citizens of Calgary, to support a referendum that will allow you to vote on whether City Council should be given taxation powers through the City Charters. This petition is part of a broader coalition titled, "See Charter, Think Tax." 


MEDIA RELEASE - Ask for New Tax Powers “Out of Touch”

December 14, 2016

See Charter Think Tax Coalition Calls Alberta Mayors’ Ask for New Tax Powers “Out of Touch”

CALGARY, AB: The See Charter, Think Tax coalition is calling for a reality check for the mayors of Calgary and Edmonton after they signed a letter asking for more tax powers on Tuesday.

Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi and Edmonton Mayor Don Iveson joined the mayors of Toronto, Ottawa and Vancouver to ask their premiers for new tax powers. Reportedly, the mayors said they need to ask permission to “do the right thing” for residents.