Lauren Herschel


Lauren Herschel

Candidate for Ward 11






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My experience in strategic business planning and leadership would be an asset to City Hall and Ward 11. As a resident of Oakridge, I am running for Ward 11 Councillor because I believe Calgary needs fresh ideas and a strong plan to move forward. I have had a lot of great opportunities come my way in the time I've lived here and I think serving on council is a great way to give back to the community. I have a strong work ethic, learn quickly and can focus on the big picture plan while getting the day to day things done. I value the experiences and ideas others bring to a team. Problem solving is exciting!

I have an extensive background working for multiple industries which gives me a diverse knowledge and understanding of the city and its challenges. As a senior leader in communications and community engagement, I have worked in commercial real estate, banking, the residential home building industry, hospitality as well as non-profit organizations. I have experience leading teams, business continuity planning, budgeting and project management. I have a demonstrated track record of building strong relationships, navigating change and delivering results on time and on budget.

My experience working with the residential home building industry has provided a unique perspective on how the City can cut red tape on inner city development, and also how to grow the city at a sustainable level. It is given me an appreciation for community engagement, and what we do well in Calgary, and what we could improve on. My roles in a number of not-for profits as well as in the hospitality industry have taught me how to do a lot with limited time and budget while delivering effective results and services. I have also owned a small consulting company for the last 10 years, helping local small businesses tell their stories. All these roles have given me strong insight into how things work - which makes me unique compared to my competitors.

I know Calgary's economic health is at the top of everyone's minds right now. I understand many are facing financial challenges and in some cases, job loss. Having personally experienced similar challenges (including lay-offs) over the last few years, I can empathize with the lack of certainty in the job market and confidence in our economy right now. This will be a focus for me when elected.