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Larry Heather

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Larry Heather (67 yrs.) was born in Vulcan, Alberta and has been a resident of Calgary Southwest since 1956. Larry works in audio/visual transfers to new media and production of radio shows, and oral family / historical living histories. In the past he has had extensive experience in the logistics industry.

Utilizing his creative and management skills, Larry is a past Board member of the Canadian Badlands Passion Play in Drumheller, where he continues in acting and behind the scenes maintenance for all 24 years of its history.

Using his research, production, and presentation skills, Larry is was a host of Gospel Road over the airwaves of southern Alberta for 11 years.

It is here he enjoyed profiling many interesting Christian ministries and topics of relevant concern to those who believe the application of Judeo-Christian ethics to our society is integral to its survival.

In the last eight years Larry has been doing volunteer research and website development for the William Aberhart Historical Foundation. The Foundation was initiated by the late Art Dixon, former Social Credit MLA and Speaker of the Alberta Legislature. In combination with his Gospel Road radio shows, he has produced some 32 hours of radio shows on the William Aberhart legacy and the luminaries he mentored, including Ernest Charles Manning.

Larry has many interests and a love for reading, theatre, and movies. A lifelong learner, he holds a Bachelor of Religious Education from Briercrest Bible College (Sask.), a Bachelor of Arts in Religion (Theatre Arts) from Rocky Mountain College (Calgary) and a graduate level Diploma of Christian Studies from Regent College (Vancouver.) He has also graduated from the one-year programming course from CDI College Calgary and a Web Builder's course at The Media Classroom.

Larry was for many years was President of Christians Concerned For Life in Calgary, and organized and chaired the steering committee that birthed the Calgary Crisis Pregnancy Centre ( now the Calgary Pregnancy Care Centre) , following hundreds of film showings on the pro-life cause in Alberta churches. He has taken active runs in elections on the Pubic School Board, Provincial MLA and Federal MP levels, running for the Christian Heritage Party in Calgary West (1993), and Calgary Southwest (1997, 2004, 2006, & 2008) & the Calgary Midnapore By-election in 2017. He ran as an Independent in the 2011 & 2015 Federal Election against Prime Minister Stephen Harper, providing a ballot home for pro-life and traditional family supporters who hold these values as determinant of our country's continued future.

His 2013 first time run for Mayor of Calgary was election race number 15 and in 2017, his 20th run.