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Daymond Khan

Candidate for Ward 9


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Daymond believes in creating positive change in your community, and that’s why he holds a degree in political science and a master’s degree in public policy. His campaign is focused on serving communities first and getting back to the basics of listening to communities and finding solutions together.

He’s pursued professional, academic and volunteer opportunities with an interest in serving those most in need and a career path of public policy. He completed an undergraduate degree majoring in political science and a minoring in economics. He chose these two areas of study to get a qualitative and quantitative understanding of how government works.

During his time working for the Government of Alberta, he gained experience in the function of government and learned the importance of community consultation and community-led service delivery. His positions with the province included supporting land-use planners in the Ministry of Environment, learning best practices in emergency and disaster response in the Alberta Emergency Management Agency and leading projects in the Disability Supports Division.

In 2018, Daymond completed a Master of Public Policy degree right here in Calgary. This program at the School of Public Policy taught him the importance of gathering insights from a range of perspectives and utilizing data to move forward evidence-based policy decisions. The School emphasizes a strong foundation in economics and fiscal accountability, which means that every policy decision must be considered with the impacts to current and future generations.

For the past three years, Daymond has worked in Calgary’s nonprofit sector. In his current role at the Calgary Homeless Foundation, he’s focused on building relationships with other systems and levels of government to better address the core contributors to homelessness and housing insecurity.

His volunteer experience has included working on a Canadian Mental Health Associate distress line, serving in the faith community, participating in a Youth Against Poverty project, and representing Grant MacEwan university at multiple international model UN conferences.

Daymond’s running to be your City Councillor for Ward 9 to make your community safe, prosperous and unified. He has a heart for this city and the people in it, and it would be his honour to dedicate his service to you.


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