Calgary Should Hold ”Giveaway Weekends”

  • Common Sense Calgary encourages City Hall to copy a great environmental policy idea currently in place in Ottawa, Winnipeg and Halifax
  • The policy helps the environment, low income people, deal seekers and is taxpayer-friendly

CALGARY, AB: Common Sense Calgary called on City Hall today to start holding “giveaway weekends” - a great environmental policy idea that is currently in place in Ottawa, Winnipeg, Halifax and several other municipalities across the country.


“City Council is always looking for ways to be more environmentally conscious while at the same time being fiscally responsible," said CSC Executive Director Stephanie Kusie. "Giveaway weekends have been wildly successful in Ottawa, Winnipeg, Halifax and several other municipalities. The idea is good for the environment, it’s completely voluntary and it doesn’t require tax dollars."

The initiative involves City Hall proclaiming a weekend or two each year as “giveaway weekends.” During those weekends, citizens are encouraged to place any unwanted goods - that still have life in them - at the curb instead of throwing them out. Citizens then place a "free" sign on the items and allow others to come and take any goods they might want. (Eg. Someone might put out a lamp, old toaster or end table they no longer need)

"A few years ago a journalist in Ottawa documented how she had furnished an apartment with products she picked up on give away weekend," added Kusie. "Not only do give away weekends help keep useful products out of landfills, they can give a hand up to those that can't afford to buy new products and that’s important in these tough economic times."





For further information please contact:


Stephanie Kusie

Executive Director, Common Sense Calgary

Cell: 587-432-7100 Email: [email protected]



About Common Sense Calgary: Common Sense Calgary is an advocacy group dedicated to lower taxation and responsible spending at City Hall. For more information, please visit:

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