Calgary Minute: Vaccine Debates, Equalization Debates, and a Final Council Meeting

Calgary Minute: Vaccine Debates, Equalization Debates, and a Final Council Meeting

Calgary City Hall


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This Week In Calgary:

  • It’s going to be a reasonably slow week at City Hall with only one meeting scheduled - the last meeting of the current Council. That meeting, on Thursday, will be a meeting of the Calgary Planning Commission at 1:00 pm. Councillors will discuss a few planning and development issues before receiving a confidential, verbal-only update on the Heritage Incentive Areas Land Use Bylaw Amendments.

  • Also on Thursday, in advance of this month's referendum, there is going to be a debate on equalization that some of our supporters have helped organize. The debate topic is, “Is an equalization referendum an effective way to ensure a fairer deal for Alberta”. Speaking in favour will be Bill Bewick, the Executive Director for Fairness Alberta, and opposed will be Trevor Tombe, Professor of Economics at the University of Alberta. The debate is at Mount Royal University, in the Lincoln Park Room, at 4:30 pm, and we will hopefully see you there.

  • An announcement regarding the Calgary Police Service’s COVID-19 vaccination policy is expected to come sometime later this week. It’s anticipated the Calgary Police Service will implement a policy that will be “in harmony” with the vaccination policy previously announced by the City, whatever that means.


Last Week In Calgary:

  • The City’s new vaccine passport regulations have at least two businesses in the City facing fines. So far, peace officers have handed out one $200 ticket for failing to display signage around proof of vaccination requirements and another $500 ticket for failing to check customers’ proof of immunization.

  • An online poll conducted by ThinkHQ Public Affairs last week showed that 68% of respondents would vote in favour of adding fluoride to the City’s tap water. In case you weren't yet aware, this question is also being held as a referendum at this month's election. How do you plan to vote?

  • Last Thursday, an online mayoral forum featuring the top four candidates was hosted by the Calgary Alliance for the Common Good and Action Dignity. The forum was held via Zoom and moderated by Wengel Kebede of Action Dignity and Dr. Beth Stovell of Calgary Alliance for the Common Good. You can watch the event here.




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