Calgary Minute: Transport, Taxes, and Quebec

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  • It was announced that the pro-energy workshop being put on by Calgary Council's at the Federation of Canadian Municipalities in Quebec, a conference for councillors from across the country, will be held in an undesirable 7:00 am Sunday time slot. Telling Calgary's story was the primary justification for sending so many Calgary councillors to the conference - it remains to be seen how many people will show up to an early morning presentation after Saturday night festivities.

  • Usually, at budget time, city administration present council with a budget plan that has tax increases built in already. This year, thanks to a motion by Councilor Farkas, council will be given a series of different plans, with tax increases ranging from 3% all the way down to 0%. We can't emphasize how positive of a shift this could be in the long run if this actually happens.

  • Council's Priorities and Finance committee also rejected a small business grant program that would have required businesses to apply to council for a small tax rebate. Council should confirm the committee's decision and ditch this program. Taxes should be cut for everyone, not just for a special few businesses hand-picked by councillors.

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