Calgary Minute: Tax Freeze, Expense Scandals, and Even More Public Art Spending

Calgary Minute: Tax Freeze, Expense Scandals, and Even More Public Art Spending

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  • The City's Priorities and Finance Committee approved a proposal from Ward 11 Councillor Jeromy Farkas to use $44 million from the City's reserves to keep non-residential property tax increases at zero this year. The motion still needs to pass through a Council Meeting, and even if it does it's still just another one-off measure - Calgary still needs to get spending under control.

  • In spite of the ongoing deep recession, high downtown office vacancy rates, rising City taxes, and deep concerns about the levels of wasteful spending happening municipally, some Councillors don't seem to get it. Councillor Gian-Carlo Carra took his office staff out to local restaurants 19 times last year. He also spent $1,429 on staff appreciation gifts for his three assistants. Councillor Evan Woolley, meanwhile, also took his office staff out regularly and even had taxpayers pay for an overnight out-of-town retreat.

  • Speaking of taxpayer money, the City is currently hiring a consultant to manage several new public art projects. Perhaps you had the impression that this sort of wasteful spending wasn't happening anymore? Perhaps you heard the Mayor when he said "we've already cut to the bone". Yeah, not so much.





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