Calgary Minute: Provincial Budget, YMCA Closing, and Mayor Nenshi Backtracks

Calgary Minute: Provincial Budget, YMCA Closing, and Mayor Nenshi Backtracks

Calgary City Hall


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This Week In Calgary:

  • Today at 9:30 am, there will be a Combined Meeting of Council. Council will, amongst a busy agenda, review an Update on Moving to an External Operator for City Golf Courses, a report on the Non-Residential Phased Tax Program, and amend the terms of reference for the Anti-Racism Action Committee to add an additional committee member after complaints were received that no Black Woman had been appointed to the committee. An update to the City's collective bargaining agreement will also be held confidentially.

  • On Wednesday at 9:30 am, there will be a meeting of the Standing Policy Committee on Planning and Urban Development which will review Multiple Municipal Historic Resource Designations, as well as a Citywide Growth Strategy: Industrial Growth Plan.

  • On Thursday at 1:00 pm, there will be a meeting of the Calgary Planning Commission which will review Land Use and Policy Amendments in Wards 5, 6, 7, 9, and 11, and a follow-up briefing from City staff on the Historic East Calgary Communities Local Area Plan.


Last Week In Calgary:

  • The provincial government introduced their 2021 budget which includes an increase in funding for big cities in 2021, but a reduction in future years. Mayor Nenshi complained, "they're taking away our ability to build stuff and create jobs", though we'd note that he seems to have struggled to do those things under three successive governments now.

  • Mayoral contender, Councillor Farkas, put forward a plan to save the downtown Gray Family Eau Claire YMCA, while several of his fellow Councillors complained that he voted against their "Downtown Strategy" of throwing money at an economic development slush fund, subsidizing favoured businesses, building multiple competing event centres. This is the part where we remind you that all those proposals passed, were implemented by the City, and they're obviously not working. If Calgary Council could spend their way out of this mess there wouldn't be a mess!

  • Speaking of gyms, Mayor Nenshi was forced to "clarify" (aka backtrack) on his earlier comments that reopening gyms and fitness centres wouldn’t make a significant difference in people's mental health or the economic health of the community. Mayor Nenshi is now claiming that his comments were "in the context of the ridiculous protests that are risking public health". Here are his earlier comments, we'll let you decide.





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