Calgary Minute: LRT Changes, Wacky Weather, and COVID Restrictions Ease

Calgary Minute: LRT Changes, Wacky Weather, and COVID Restrictions Ease

Calgary City Hall


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This Week In Calgary:

  • It will be a pretty quiet week at City Hall this week, with only two meetings scheduled - a Priorities and Finance Committee meeting and a Standing Policy Committee on Community and Protective Services meeting.

  • The Priorities and Finance Committee meeting will take place on Tuesday at 9:30 am to discuss growth management, a credit facility for the Stampede, and progress on the Financial Tax Force (Reminder: that's the group that is trying to address the City's budget issues, but is only allowed to consider tax and fee increases, and not spending cuts).

  • The Standing Policy Committee on Community and Protective Services will meet at 9:30 am on Wednesday to discuss the Calgary Police Service Annual Report.


Last Week In Calgary:

  • Calgarians will soon have the option to own hens thanks to several changes made to the City's Responsible Pet Ownership bylaw at last Tuesday's Council Meeting. The proposal passed narrowly in an 8-6 vote and will require Calgarians to undergo training and get a license before being allowed to keep urban hens in their backyards. At least some Calgarians won't be cooped up anymore!

  • After negotiations with the Province, the Green Line Board announced changes to the LRT line's procurement strategy. The Shepard to Downtown leg of the line is still going ahead, but the recent changes put the Downtown to 16th Ave North leg in serious peril as this will only proceed if the South leg is completed on budget.

  • A heatwave brought scorching temperatures to Calgary and other parts of southern Alberta over the weekend. We hope you were able to get out and enjoy a cold one outside on a patio at your favourite local restaurant before it started hailing in some parts of the City just a couple of days later!




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