Calgary Minute: Green Line, Ward Boundaries, and Failed Economic Theories

Calgary Minute: Green Line, Ward Boundaries, and Failed Economic Theories

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  • There were a lot of notable articles about the Green Line in Calgary newspapers last week. Danielle Smith explained how Calgary's LRT expansion has taken a turn to fantasy, Rick Bell covered the demand for a plebiscite vote, and Peter McCaffrey explained how the city's manipulative tactics have not changed since their failed Olympic plebiscite. If you have the time, all three are worth a read.

  • Calgary's State of Emergency was lifted as of 12:01 a.m. on June 12th. We've learned significantly more about the virus during this three-month lockdown, and it's now time to start restoring normalcy.

  • Mayor Nenshi thinks that he can spend Calgary out of a recession because "we're all Keynesians in a situation like this." We disagree - Keynes was wrong. Wasteful government spending doesn't magically become productive when the economy gets bad. Heck, even if you agree with Keynes - his economic theory would never suggest raising taxes in a downturn, something our Mayor can't seem to help but do.




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