Calgary Minute: Green Line, Tax Hikes, and more Green Line

Calgary Minute: Green Line, Tax Hikes, and more Green Line

Calgary City Hall


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This Week In Calgary:

  • There's only one meeting happening at City Hall this week - a Priorities and Finance Committee meeting on Tuesday. This meeting will include an in-camera portion to select the Citizen-Led Selection Committee for the Integrity Commissioner. With so little else happening, the news will probably be filled with more Tax and Green Line revelations, just like this week's newsletter - you've been warned!

  • Efforts to convince the City to rethink the Green Line LRT will continue throughout next week, as Council gets ready for the final vote at the Combined Council Meeting on Monday, June 15th. If you haven't signed our petition to Cancel The Green Line, you can do so here. We easily hit our initial goal of 2,000 signatures, so we've raised it to 5,000!

  • We also haven't given up on convincing council to cancel this year's massive 7.5% property tax hike. Hiking taxes during the recession was bad enough, but doubling down during a pandemic shows a special level of ignorance to the current plight of the average Calgarian. We'll be working with the Alberta Institute and other local groups over the next few weeks to fight back against these constant tax hikes. You can tell Council you don't support their decision by signing the petition here.


Last Week In Calgary:




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