Calgary Minute: Great Communities, Mandatory Masks, and 2021 Taxes

Calgary Minute: Great Communities, Mandatory Masks, and 2021 Taxes

Calgary City Hall


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This Week In Calgary:

  • Today there will be a Combined Meeting of Council. Councillors will be briefed on a COVID-19 Service Plan and Budget Update. The projected financial gap for 2020 due to COVID has increased month over month from an initial estimate of $145 million in April 2020 to $184 million in July 2020.

  • Council will also receive an update on the "Guidebook for Great Communities". The Guidebook is the City's overarching policy document for future growth and development and has been very controversial, with many seeing it as yet another attempt at social engineering by the City. The Guidebook has already been delayed several times and looks set to be delayed again - the strategy usually used by the City when they haven't figured out how to get the required number of votes from Council for something they want.

  • City Council will also discuss its 20-Year Strategic Capital Plan, it's proposed submission to the Government of Alberta regarding infrastructure, several confidential personnel matters - including a performance review for the City Manager, and multiple land use amendments.


Last Week In Calgary:

  • The City of Calgary voted to make masks mandatory in all indoor public spaces starting August 1st. Those who fail to comply could face a $100 fine. The bylaw will not apply to toddlers under the age of 2, people with underlying medical conditions that inhibit their ability to wear a mask, restaurants and bars (while eating and drinking), or people who are engaging in a fitness activity. Click here to see how your Councillor voted on this issue.

  • Council also held their first vote on what our taxes might be in 2021. Unfortunately, a plan to cut taxes by 7.5% failed 4-11, but a motion to freeze taxes passed 11-4. While a tax freeze is better than nothing, it's no surprise Councillors have suddenly changed their tune given 2021 is an election year. Check out these graphics to see how your councillor voted on the two proposals.

  • Residential landlords held a protest at City hall to demand tax relief from Calgary Council. Gerry Baxter, head of the Calgary Residential Rental Association, noted that his association members have faced an average 23% tax increase this year. Instead of shuffling money around between businesses, citizens, and different types of property, Council needs to get serious about cutting spending. Only by cutting spending will we see desperately needed tax cuts for both residents and businesses.




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