Calgary Minute: Foul Smell, Mosquitoes Thriving, and Campus Housing Full

Calgary Minute: Foul Smell, Mosquitoes Thriving, and Campus Housing Full

Calgary City Hall


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This Week In Calgary:

  • On Tuesday, at 9:30 am, there will be a Combined Meeting of Council. On the agenda is the Citywide Growth Strategy and how it fits in with the 2023-2026 Service Plans and Budgets Cycle. Council will also receive a confidential presentation on the Event Centre, hear a request for funding for an Expanded Active and Safe Routes to School Program, and consider the Calgary Transit Fare and Revenue Strategy.

  • On Thursday, at 9:30 am, there will be a meeting of the Community Development Committee. No agenda is available for this meeting yet. The Green Line Board will meet on Thursday at 1:00 pm. No agenda is available for this meeting either.

  • The City of Calgary is looking for public input on a Memorial Drive extension. While the project was previously approved, the exact location and configuration are still to be determined. On Thursday, at 6:30 pm, there will be a virtual town hall, and an online survey is open until August 9th. The survey can be accessed on the City’s website.


Last Week In Calgary:

  • The University of Calgary Students’ Union said that residences on campus are full and that waitlisted students cannot be accommodated. This is the first time in memory that such a situation has occurred. The vacancy rate in the wider city is just 1%, and students are competing against other renters desperate for a place to live. Calgarians are being asked to consider renting spare rooms, basement suites, and laneway housing to students.

  • A mosquito expert said Calgary’s bloodsucking insect population is here to not-only-stay but thrive this summer. Weather patterns this year have allowed for quick maturity of mosquitos to the point where they are able to feast on humans. In order to get the mosquito population under control, the weather will need to be consistently dry for consecutive weeks, but the intermittent wet spells have allowed the insects to breed. Get some insect repellent, folks!

  • The City said it doesn’t know the source of a smell emanating from the southeast corner of Calgary. Residents in New Brighton and Copperfield said they’re spending more time indoors on account of the “sour” and “rotting” smell. Shepard landfill does not appear to be the cause. Could it be our tax dollars being lit aflame again…?




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