Calgary Minute: Event Centre, Vehicle Noise, and Louise Dean Relocation

Calgary Minute: Event Centre, Vehicle Noise, and Louise Dean Relocation

Calgary City Hall


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This Week In Calgary:

  • There will be a Combined Meeting of Council on Tuesday at 9:30 am. On the agenda is a land use amendment bylaw to address the “missing middle” - mid-sized developments like semi-detached homes and townhouses. According to Administration, the bylaw will provide Calgarians with a better understanding of what can be built in their communities and a proposed new district will enable a wider variety of housing types. Council will also receive the Annual Report of the Ethics Advisor and Integrity Commissioner.

  • There are a number of public engagements taking place regarding projects in Inglewood/Ramsay, the future of Stephen Avenue, and the Area Redevelopment Plan for Chinatown, among others. Projects currently accepting public feedback can be found on the City’s website - we encourage residents to review it regularly and have a say!

  • The United Conservative Party will elect a new leader - and a new Premier - on Thursday, and the live announcement will take place in Calgary at the BMO Centre.


Last Week In Calgary:

  • The Calgary Board of Education is considering the closure and relocation of the Louise Dean Centre, a school program for pregnant teens and young mothers. The CBE says declining enrollment means the Centre may be relocated to Jack James High School in Forest Lawn. Current and former graduates of the school have spoken out, saying that they need the supports provided by the separate school and that relocation would make them vulnerable to bullying. Our friends at the Alberta Parents’ Union have started a petition to keep the school open as is and promote school choice.

  • Documents showed that the City’s failed Event Centre deal cost taxpayers just under $17 million. Closing costs were shared equally by the City and the Calgary Sports and Entertainment Company, coming in at $14.2 million each, with the City having transaction costs and consultants to pay on top of that amount. If Council is determined to enter into another arena deal, hopefully some of the legwork is already done.

  • Ward 8 Councillor Courtney Walcott tabled a motion to address vehicle noise. Walcott said this is step one of a multi-stage process to reduce excessive noise, particularly in the downtown core. The City of Calgary already limited vehicle noise to 96 decibels but enforcement is a challenge. Walcott’s motion includes a pilot project between bylaw officers and the Calgary Police Service, with targeted campaigns. The Committee voted unanimously to approve the motion, meaning it will now be debated by Council as a whole in an upcoming meeting.




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