Calgary Minute: 2020 Finished, Council Expenses, and Outdoor Skating Updates

Calgary Minute: 2020 Finished, Council Expenses, and Outdoor Skating Updates

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This Week In Calgary:

  • This week is finally the last week of 2020! There were times we didn't think we'd ever see the end of this year but, here we are. We hope you had an excellent Christmas this year, and want to thank you for all your support of Common Sense Calgary this year. The next municipal election is coming up in the fall so we have a lot of work to do in 2021! If you'd like to help, donations to support our work are always greatly appreciated.

  • Due to the holiday break, there are no Council or Committee meetings scheduled for this week. Council will likely return on January 12th for a Priorities and Finance Committee meeting, after the Calgary Planning Commission meeting scheduled for the 7th of January was cancelled.

  • With COVID restrictions continuing into the new year, there's a limited number of events to enjoy for New Year's Eve. A number of outdoor activities, including multiple lights events, can be enjoyed around the city, however, including the Zoo Lights.


Last Week In Calgary:

  • After considerable effort by the Common Sense Calgary Team to bring attention to the disastrous finances of the Green Line, Alberta's Minister of Transportation, Ric McIver, has stepped in. In a recent letter to Council, Minister McIver said: "It is plainly evident that the city does not currently understand the depth of our concerns and the seriousness with which we take them, so allow me to be clear: the Green Line is not a functional transit project in its current form, the Province will not approve it as currently designed." We have been highlighting the very large number of problems with this project for many years, and if you agree with us that Calgarians should have the final say on the Green Line you can sign our petition for a referendum here.

  • After an expense scandal, and the resignation of the Councillor chairing the Coordinating Committee for the Office of the Councillors (CCOC) which approves council expenses, City staff will be temporarily overseeing council expense claims while further work is done. Media called this work a "wider probe", but it appears that this will simply involve new rules for expense claims, rather than an actual probe into other Councillors and the Mayor's expenses.

  • After recent controversies, including an arrest, City officials are seeking more clarity from the Province on what the COVID-19 skating restrictions actually are. Meanwhile, Calgary will be the home of Alberta's first fully accessible outdoor rink. No news yet on how many police with tasers will be on hand for the opening ceremony.




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