Businesses, Residents and Taxpayers Agree: No New City Taxes

The_Peace_Bridge_in_Calgary_an_HDR_photo.jpgNew coalition wants answers on where the Alberta government stands

CALGARY, AB: See Charter, Think Tax is a new Alberta-based coalition urging the provincial government to reject calls by Alberta’s big city mayors for the power to impose new taxes. The See Charter, Think Tax coalition is demanding clarity from Premier Rachel Notley and Municipal Affairs Minister Deron Bilous where it stands on city charter arrangements being negotiated with Calgary and Edmonton.

The coalition includes representatives from the Canadian Taxpayers Federation (CTF), the Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB) and Common Sense Calgary (CSC) – three groups representing those who would pay for an increased city tax burden.

“Overspending on the day-to-day operations of cities must be addressed before big-city mayors demand even more from taxpayers,” said CFIB Alberta Director Amber Ruddy. “We recognize cities face budgeting challenges but that is largely a function of poor planning, not a lack of revenue.”

It is expected further detail about how the province plans to modernize the relationship between big cities will be discussed in the Alberta budget, to be delivered on October 27th.


“Taxpayers deserve to have their say in a citywide referendum if any new taxes are being considered,” said CTF Alberta Director Paige MacPherson. “Call them tools, levies, powers, charters -- these are historic new city taxes Albertans have never seen before. The provincial government should demand the consent of the people.”

Recently, Minister Bilous announced that an updated Municipal Government Act (MGA) would be completed in time for municipal elections in 2017. Minister Bilous also stated his vision include“increased fairness and consistency for Alberta taxpayers.”

“The Minister of Municipal Affairs needs to get on the record and affirm that new municipal taxes are off the table,” said Common Sense Calgary Executive Director Stephanie Kusie. “Who is standing up for the residents of our big cities in this time of economic duress while mayors are scheming up new ways to nickel and dime them?”


The See Charter, Think Tax coalition was formed to give a voice to the taxpayers, small businesses and residents who will bear the brunt of any new city taxes. The coalition is demanding the people have their say.

‘See Charter, Think Tax’ is an Alberta-based coalition launched to demand taxpayers and small businesses have their say in any new city tax powers. The coalition is comprised of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation, the Canadian Federation of Independent Business and Common Sense


For further information please contact:


Amber Ruddy

Alberta Director, Canadian Federation of Independent Business

Cell: 403-835-6442  Office:1 866-444-9290 Email: [email protected]


Paige MacPherson

Alberta Director, Canadian Taxpayers Federation

Cell: 403-478-7184  Office: 403-475-6207  Email: [email protected]


Stephanie Kusie

Executive Director, Common Sense Calgary

Cell: 587-432-7100 Email: [email protected]

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