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At a time when the city has most needed leadership, Calgary has barely been managed amidst the bickering. The City of Calgary needs to be led and Brad Field is that leader. The success of Calgary’s recovery will depend on decisions we make now. Together with all Calgarians, Brad is the right person to rebuild the environment in which our jobs and our lives can flourish again. An optimist at heart, a realist by nature - this is who Brad Field is.

Brad is a hardworking, roll-up-his-sleeves, and get-the-job-done leader. He is the President of BRC Group, a North American industry leader specializing in commercial vehicle repair and refurbishment. He has built businesses in industries including healthcare, fire suppression, heavy equipment repair, and real estate.

Calgary was built by builders, doers, and risk-takers. That defines Brad. In his businesses over the past 25 years, he has delivered quality services at a reasonable cost and created hundreds of jobs, putting food on the tables of many Calgarians. He knows how job creation happens because he’s done it. He will take that same collaborative, results-focused approach to City Hall.

Brad is also a community builder. Believing in - and practicing - everyone’s chance to have an opportunity, Brad is a coach, board member, donor, and chairperson with several Calgary organizations including the Terminator Foundation (addictions and mental health) as now-former Chair. A current member of the Young Presidents’ Organization and a past member of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization, Brad enjoys mentoring young entrepreneurs. He is a long-time board member of Business Fore Calgary Kids which supports children’s charities and programs. The recipient of Rotary International’s Paul Harris Fellowship, Brad is committed to supporting - often anonymously - individuals and families in need.

Brad Field is a Calgary success story. He moved to Calgary as a child and realized early the opportunity this city offers. He met his wife Sheryl in 10th grade at E.P. Scarlett High School. They married in 1988 and raised their three children here. Brad has a deeply-rooted desire to give back to the city that has given him the best things in his life.

Brad is always looking for opportunities and solutions to the issues that will define Calgary’s future and improve people’s lives here in our city, in our neighbourhoods, for our families.


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