Francis Aranha


Francis Aranha

Candidate for Ward 2








Jovial, Hardworking and Dedicated, is how I can describe myself in a
nutshell. I was born in a rural community in India and grew up in Mumbai
city, where I graduated in Hospitality Management. My father served the
city of Mumbai as an engineer for 35 years, building his career by
studying at a night school. His notable words were “To succeed in life,
you need a strong foundation. Quality education is the only way you can
conquer your dreams”. Furthermore, my dad also instilled in me a love
for knowledge, and I keep pushing myself to learn more about people,
cultures, leaders, and other ways to improve myself. Growing up,
budgeting was very crucial, as we had to manage all our expenses within
a $400 monthly income in a big city. Life taught us real practical
lessons, which gave us the strength to face all odds and not be afraid
to tackle obstacles, that others might find impossible to overcome.

As a first-generation immigrant, moving to Calgary and as a newcomer to
Canada, brings back memories of the struggle it took to get here. From
toiling as a dishwasher/janitor to working in the office for the biggest
catering company in the industry, I have come a long way. My motto is to
seize the moment and go with my gut instinct, because you live once, and
I intend to make an impact towards my community.

This past year has been particularly tough for a lot of us, our friends
and families have suffered more than ever due to Covid, which resulted
in stricter restrictions and an economic downturn. I would like to help
those struggling with illnesses, depression, job losses, and loss of
business. Personally speaking, I have been affected by the pandemic as
well and have hit rock bottom. This inspired me to put myself out there
and look at this as an opportunity, to follow my passion, make a
difference and build us back as a stronger community. Being perpetually
optimistic, I believe there is always light at the end of the tunnel,
but you must ride through darkness.

My wife Iona and I are proud to be raising our daughter Karissa in this
beautiful city. As a resident of Ward 2 for the past 6 years, we feel
our city is vibrant, culturally diverse, and economically thriving, with
shared prosperity in arts, culture, community centres, library, and
green space. We together look forward to a vision towards better
sustainable living.