Calgary Minute: More Public Art, More Tax Hikes, and More Wasteful Spending

Calgary Minute: More Public Art, More Tax Hikes, and More Wasteful Spending

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  • More than a week after Council signed off on the arena deal, Postmedia released a review of the feedback collected by the City and found that a majority of Calgarians who shared their feedback in the days leading up to council’s decision on the arena deal were opposed to the project. While many proponents of the mega-project, including the Mayor, boasted about a successful consultation process, citing how over 5,200 Calgarians participated, is it really consultation if the feedback is ignored?

  • The Calgary Chamber is calling on Council to raise taxes on residents. While they worded it very carefully, make no mistake, the "tax shift" they are calling for is actually a massive tax hike. Here at Common Sense Calgary, we don't support "shifting" taxes from businesses to residents. We've done ample research showing that City Hall's spending addiction has outpaced population growth and inflation for years, resulting in an unsustainable level of spending and our current tax crisis. The real solution isn't to pit residents against businesses, the solution is to get spending levels under control, and cut exorbitant taxes for both residents *and* businesses. After all, more money in Calgarian's pockets is good for business too.

  • Speaking of irresponsible spending (and we could probably do a weekly email just on that): Council has decided that the Beltline Aquatic and Fitness Centre will shut down on Jan 1st, citing "changing citizen preferences" and "limited and declining participation". But if that's the case, why did taxpayers pay for a major renovation of the facility just *10 months* ago?



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