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October 05, 2017

Polling Indicates Major Shakeup Likely At City Hall This Election

Today, Common Sense Calgary released a full set of mayoral and ward-by-ward poll results for the upcoming municipal election, based on a sample size of nearly 5000 across the city. In a city where incumbents tend to dominate re-election campaigns, several councillors are facing stiffer than expected competition from candidates promising change on council, while reformers are resonating with voters in open wards. These poll results are part of an independently commissioned, ward-by-ward municipal election poll.

September 25, 2017

It's Time To Bring Common Sense Back To City Hall

With Calgarians preparing to cast their vote on October 16, we are pleased today to announce the re-launch of Common Sense Calgary.There is a clear appetite for change in Calgary this election, but more needs to be done to inform voters about what kind of change a candidate would really bring, and which candidates are in the best position to deliver.

March 02, 2017

Macdonald: Could the Charter be a Trojan Horse?

 How much do you know about the City Charters? Do you know what the financial consequences will be? Why are the elected officials so slow in providing information on the financial implications of the Charter? Truth and reality seem elusive when it comes to the Charters. Here, Common Sense Calgary presents what could be the real agenda within the City Charter.

February 22, 2017

MacPherson-Ruddy-Macdonald: New City Charters Could Mean New Taxes

Soon, the public will finally get the privilege of knowing more about what the premier and big-city mayors have been discussing behind closed doors for some time: the 'fiscal framework' of city charters.For several years, Alberta's big-city mayors have been pushing various premiers for more tax powers.Finally, it seems they've found a willing dance partner in NDP Premier Rachel Notley.