Declare A Tax Emergency

Calgary Council should declare a Tax Emergency. Sign the petition:

Who's Signing?

Barry Farlow
Amie Nasayao-Jiwa
Darren Mathews
Mike Sutherland
Holly Boyko
robert mccull
Francisco Gali
Allen Diede
Colleen D
Nathalie Zacher
Brian Dewar
Valerie Dove
Catherine McCunn
Sarah Yu
Xin Yang
Darrin Wienmeyer
Ross Farnham
Marilyn Hauck
Lauren Banman
Rick Evis
J Truong
Peter Keith
Bob Hamilton
Joe Smith
Jilin Wang
Ralph Lich
Kari-Ann Arbuckle
Elo McMillan
R Marshall
Nestor Papish

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  • Barry Farlow
    signed 2021-11-22 17:26:35 -0700
  • Amie Nasayao-Jiwa
    signed via 2021-11-22 17:25:34 -0700
    Stopped taxes increase
  • Darren Mathews
    signed 2021-11-22 17:09:01 -0700
  • Mike Sutherland
    signed 2021-11-22 17:07:12 -0700
  • Holly Boyko
    signed 2021-11-22 17:00:22 -0700
  • robert mccull
    signed via 2021-11-22 16:59:54 -0700
    Climate change used to be called global warming. The Suzuki’s of the world were screaming about a new ice age in the seventies. Apparently not enough money in that so they changed sides. I might have this in the wrong order but Calgary was at one time an ocean, a Tropical forest, and a glacier. Now that’s climate change. And guess what it may happen again and there is nothing we can do about it. Although humans have this knack of being smarter than nature. Follow the money! Rob McCull
  • Francisco Gali
    signed 2021-11-22 16:56:48 -0700
  • Allen Diede
    signed 2021-11-22 16:33:56 -0700
    It would be nice to have some councilors that are business people.
  • Colleen D
    signed 2021-11-22 16:26:14 -0700
  • Nathalie Zacher
    signed 2021-11-22 16:23:54 -0700
  • Brian Dewar
    signed via 2021-11-22 16:22:22 -0700
  • Valerie Dove
    signed 2021-11-22 16:18:04 -0700
  • Catherine McCunn
    signed 2021-11-22 16:16:29 -0700
  • Sarah Yu
    signed 2021-11-22 16:15:45 -0700
  • Xin Yang
    signed 2021-11-22 16:03:04 -0700
  • Darrin Wienmeyer
    signed 2021-11-22 15:58:28 -0700
  • Ross Farnham
    signed 2021-11-22 15:48:33 -0700
  • Marilyn Hauck
    signed 2021-11-22 15:48:29 -0700
    Just because she’s a woman doesn’t make her right……she’s from the Nenshi group that should have ALL gone to pasture. Who the hell is she to try & oust Chu……he was voted in by the people…….she’s controlling as hell. What is the matter with Calgarians? They can’t get anything right here & now this one will continue on where the other bully left off. Calgary is the most expensive city around & for WHAT?? She’s the mayor for heavens sake, not provincial or federal….she should stick to what she doesn’t know!!! I’ve worked with lots of women & they don’t quit, shut her down before it gets out of hand.
  • Lauren Banman
    signed 2021-11-22 15:45:29 -0700
    If you were a business you would strive to work within your budget and your means. Its appalling that you push your own agenda and make us pay for it. Perhaps a referendum on the subject would tell the real story. Way to start off on the wrong foot Jyoti. You are already a disappointment!
  • Rick Evis
    signed 2021-11-22 15:43:59 -0700
  • J Truong
    signed 2021-11-22 15:42:29 -0700
  • Peter Keith
    signed 2021-11-22 15:41:18 -0700
  • Bob Hamilton
    signed via 2021-11-22 15:40:24 -0700
  • Joe Smith
    signed via 2021-11-22 15:37:10 -0700
    Calgary has a climate emergency? Bull sh*t!! We have a no-brain emergency in city hall!!!!!
  • Jilin Wang
    signed 2021-11-22 15:35:42 -0700
  • Ralph Lich
    signed 2021-11-22 15:27:49 -0700
  • Kari-Ann Arbuckle
    signed 2021-11-22 15:21:17 -0700
  • Elo McMillan
    signed 2021-11-22 15:20:36 -0700
  • R Marshall
    signed 2021-11-22 15:10:57 -0700
    With so many people losing their jobs/unemployment rates over the roof/food banks can’t keep up/highest taxes in province/families on welfare/homelessness increasing and THE CITY WANTS TO INCREASE TAXES … were NOT ELECTED BY THE PEOPLE OF THIS CITY TO DO THIS. FARCAS WASNT GOING YO INCREASE TAXES AND YET OUR BEW MAYOF IS…..where is her head. STOP THIS NOW FOD THE SAJD IF THE FAMILIES AND HOME OWNERS IN CALGARY!
  • Nestor Papish
    signed 2021-11-22 15:10:12 -0700