Calgary Minute: Council Returns, Committees Appointed, and City Staff Turnover

Calgary Minute: Council Returns, Committees Appointed, and City Staff Turnover

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  • Calgary’s first-ever female Mayor, Jyoti Gondek, was officially sworn into office on Monday in front of Justice John Rooke, the Associate Chief Justice of the Court of Queens Bench. Gondek then administered the oath of office to all the newly elected and incumbent city council members, except one. Councillor Sean Chu was also sworn in by Justice John Rooke after Mayor Gondek had refused to do so.

  • Mayor Gondek is wasting no time putting her stamp on City Hall either, with Calgary Police Commission chair, Bonita Croft, and integrity commissioner, Meryl Whittaker both announcing they are leaving their positions. Officials are claiming these departures were planned well in advance, but those of us who’ve been around City politics know how this works. If a new Mayor wants new personnel they tend to get what they want, and we suspect there will be a few more "planned-well-in-advance" departures in the coming weeks.

  • The City’s snow-clearing crews saw their first snowfall of the season, clearing 20-30 cm that fell over the weekend. Road conditions were slick, but not unbearable. With winter just around the corner, it’s better late than never to get those winter tires on.




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