Calgary Minute: Service Review, Green Line, and the Mayor's EuroTrip

Calgary Minute - Your weekly one-minute summary of Calgary politics.

This Week In Calgary:

  • With Stampede over, Council gets back to work this week with a Strategic Meeting of Council on Tuesday, a Standing Policy Committee on Utilities and Corporate Services meeting on Wednesday, and a Calgary Planning Commission meeting on Thursday.

  • The Strategic Council Meeting will discuss a plan to identify services that the City doesn't need to do, or could reduce to cut costs. This is a positive move but, unfortunately, all the details of the proposals are... you guessed it... confidential.

  • Every week there seems to be more bad news about the Green Line LRT. We haven't heard anything specific, but given the number of "everything is fine" emails the Green Line team have been sending out recently, we think it's a pretty safe bet that there will be yet another news story about yet another problem at some point this week.


Last Week In Calgary: